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...a digital business journal with a unique Readership-driven focus on activities and current news of interest to the Huntsville (HSV) and Northern Alabama business community. 

KickStart provides responsive, convenient access to vital information and the schedule of activities for HSV aerospace and defense companies.  This includes the local info that is often overlooked by national journals.

KickStart is a pipeline for HSV business, maintaining both a proactive collaboration and constant interaction with the local business community.  This ongoing interaction with HSV allows us to:
- Capitalize on its wealth of experience
- Meet its demand for customized news
- Deliver a  flexible, low-overhead business model
- Utilize the power of proprietary search methods 
- Maintain an association of key contacts & subscribers 

The result is an unrivaled news source that is thoughtful, timely, accurate, and reliable.
                         … a terrific Return On Investment

The KickStart Process:

- Three times a week KickStart searches some 600 words and phrases that define the HSV business community, returning over 4,000 hits.
- These hits are analyzed, qualified, and reduced to about 75 items of highest interest.
- The resultant items are catagorized into the fields of interest for the Readership.
- The item's hotlinks are qualified (only relevant news sites for specific subjects are used) and are summarized.
- Finally, the total issue is reviewed for relevance, timeliness, and priority.

KickStart uses the whole net,
the latest news,
...all around the world:

KickStart's  proprietary software and search processes provide an “overlapping process  approach” ensuring complete coverage of each Key Information Topic.

KickStart  is tailored to reader interests and goes well beyond any available commercial search engine, or 'hands-on' attempts. 

It does this while systematically adapting to the ever evolving client requirements and constantly changing web resources & formats.

 In addition to KickStart's dynamic emphasis reflecting the HSV domain, and highlighting content of interest to its diverse customer base, KickStart drills in on such topics as Homeland Security, BRAC, CUAV, robotics, and future soldier.

The smart, proactive use of information is the key to "gettin' it done" in HSV.

The KickStart Mission:

- Identify, organize, alert and assist our clients in the wise management of business-relevant information
- Enhance the support provided to current customers and
- Provide organizational development insights needed to selectively pursue specific opportunities of interest to our Readership.
- Our ultimate goal is to aid each customer in identifying additional sources of revenue in a manner that is both timely and cost effective. 

For small and start-up organizations we provide up to the moment intelligence which can level the playing field, helping them to compete head-to-head with the large, entrenched organizations.

For larger companies KickStart provides unparalleled insight into the HSV community and an in depth understanding of this community's  environment and business culture.

Before the work day begins, KickStart's in your e-mail inbox...
With the news others have just begun scrambling for your fingertips.

"... your KickStart is an "absolute best." I would not try to compete in today's "do it" environment without its benefits ... a great service to the entire Huntsville "Aerospace Community."
- Mel Bowling -

"... KickStart helps me to identify the most important local business issues facing our community in an easy to digest, and easy to read format. I start my day with KickStart."
- Jeff Irons -

"... KickStart is a much needed source of information for this industry. The format makes it easy to get information on events and news at a glance."
- Scott Butler -

KickStart  is published three times each work week, excluding major holidays.

KickStart  is designed to be your very 1st and least expensive method of acquiring valid, quantifiable data and intelligence.

KickStart  :
- Substantially lowers your front end marketing costs
- Enhances your company’s overall professional image and
- Provides timely answers to over 80% of your news and intelligence needs

...and does so at a fraction of the cost of alternative methods.

If you want to stay competitive, produce higher quality work more quickly and have customers appreciate your in depth understanding of the task at hand, we recommend you “test fly” KickStart.

E-mail for a risk-free, no-obligation trial subscription.

All the best,

Hugh Stanley


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